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Leanna, Jen, Givi, Mari, as well as any other bumpie of course...

What friday or saturday works for you guys.  El Pimiento tends to get a little packed on these days, and I would like to make reservations for it.  Husbands are also invited...unless they are the siters for the evening, in ehich case, LEAVE them at home!  =] 

This coming friday the the 6th or saturday the 7th would be fine for me, or even CRAZIER tomorrow night! lol The next weekend is V-Day, so I am sure most of us are busy.  Let me know!

Re: Leanna, Jen, Givi, Mari, as well as any other bumpie of course...

  • Well- we first must decide if the hubby's are coming- if most of you want to bring them- I'll bring mine... If not- he can DEFINETLY stay home! LOL!

    I do my best socializing around a bottle of wine surronded by girlfriends!

    I can do Fridays or Saturdays. If it's on Friday it has to be after 8 pm. I do my nails Fridays at 7.

  • Yeah, let's decide if hubbys are coming first, so i can see if either one of our parents wants to  baby sit.  Either Fri or Sat is good, since DH is off those two days.  ooh i can't wait to socialize :)
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  • My vote is no hubbies :)  but i'll bring him if everyone else wants to!

    Fri or Sat is good for me too !

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  • Yay for no hubbies!!!!
  • I might be interested in going. I'm in MUCH need of a girls night anyways. Either night works for me.
  • OK so no hubbies, sounds good to you, sounds good to me YAY! 

    Soooo, on Friday they have an international music show. Basically it is a dj, i think he plays instruments aling with the music and two singers who sing spanish, argentinian, american, cuban, columbian, mexican, types of songs. they involve the audience and such and invite you to dance with them.  I went on friday once and didnt really enjoy the show. then again, I am not that type of person, and maybe some of you are, so let me know if you like this one better. Mylo and Tiffany, the owners, LOVE it, but they are sort of crazy lol.

    Saturday, they have a flamenco dancing show, which I have never been to, but I have heard is really nice.

    we could also go and just sit outside and enjoy this WONDERFUL weather and not have to deal with anyhting but the music lol.  Let me know what day you gals like better and i will go ahead and make reservation.

    ALSO: please include email addys with your posts, so I can email you an evite. 

  • I'm totally in if we can go Saturday, already cleared it with the hubby and he's not working that night :) You have my addy...
  • I vote for sitting outside (with the wine) where we can enjoy the weather (and the music) but still chat. ;-)

    [email protected]

  • I have no idea where El Pimiento is by I'm in.  june at jqhwkins dot co dot uk
  • Sad aww poop!!!

    I won't be able to make it because we already had a prior commitment that night and I work the next morning :o

    givettesalazar at bellsouth dot net


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