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time to eat vs. time to sleep?

so my 3 week old DD has been sleeping since 5:45pm, and it is now 8pm.  (just over 2hrs)

she last breastfed at 3pm, and finished eating about 3:45pm... usually I would expect her to be hungry again in 3 hours or so, which would've been around 6pm... but of course that was right when she fell asleep!

so instead I pumped at 7pm with my little manual Medela and got about 2 oz...

I don't really like waking her up so I'd like to see where this goes and how long she sleeps (she went 4 hours last night between feedings too!).   is this normal extension of sleeping periods as she gets older?  Is this a good thing because it means eventually she'll sleep through the night?  I'm just worried it will mess with my milk supply... any thoughts??

Re: time to eat vs. time to sleep?

  • Our DD r the same age practically

    Anyways..let her sleep! she will wake when she is hungry thats what my PED and Lactation Coach tell me

    Your supply will not run out but if you get uncomfy (boob wise) you can pump a lil --this is advice I am relaying from the coach

    I was a bit worried when my DD sleeps from 12 am to 530 am being her last feeding was at 11 pm usually..I wake up and my right boob is hard so I have to express some...I fear mastitis

  • At 4 weeks, my son would get up every 4 hours to eat around the clock.  I EP, and he would eat 4 ozs.  His intake increased right about that time.  I remember even asking the pedi because it should have still been at 2-3 hours by what their standard advice was.  She said, no, he's fine.  He's still eating more than the minimum I recommend, it's just more spaced out. 

    Also, as long as they're eating and gaining weight, you don't need to wake them up at this point.  They'll tell you when they're hungry, trust me. 

    FWIW, the night he turned 6 weeks old, he slept for 6 hours.  He's pretty much STTN since then.  My DS now sleeps ~ 12 hours every night, and has since 3.5 months.  Maybe you have a good sleeper??? (not a bad thing!) 

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  • My LC told me to feed DS every 3 hours around the clock...even if I have to wake him up. ?Called Pedi, and he said I can go 4 hours, but no longer until after next appointment. ?This aggravates me to no end...but I've read in some places they only want you to wake them to eat at night until they are back up to birth weight...so we shall see on Wed. when we go to pedi. ?My DS is a little younger than yours though. ?My personal opinion is DS lets me know when he's hungry...so I should wait until then.
  • thanks everyone! 

    my dr also said to wake her to feed her, but the LC said she'll tell me when she's hungry and no need to wake her as long as she's eating and happy.  so i guess it's all subjective and you just gotta do what feels right... so confusing!  :)

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