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Will it snow on Monday?

It IS Groundhog Day, after all!
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Re: Will it snow on Monday?

  • I sooo hope not :-(
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  • I heard it was Tuesday which is fine by me as SC does not have school and I don't want a snow day with only 2 days fo school!
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  • I think it is supposed to snow on tuesday, but regardless, I really hope it does and I hope it is a good snow. Last year when it snowed, I couldnt go sledding or get in a snowball fight because I was preggers, so this year, I want to be able to play in the snow. Although, last year, I was definitely warm, all that extra fat sure helped
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  • I think I heard Tuesday too but I wish it was either Monday or Wednesday. I have those days off and would love to enjoy the snow with Macy. Plus be able to get into a warm bed afterwards.
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  • Oh, I hope so!  I could go for a day off!
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