How Often Do You Communicate With Agency?

Just curious how often you all make contact with your agency.  We are in the domestic program at our agency and just waiting, waiting (tapping fingers.) 

I love our agency and our social worker.  They have been very professional and easy to work with.  We heard from our SW back in December when our profile was looked at for the first time, but we were not chosen due to our religion.  We left things then with . . . "Let us know when you have any news for us."

But now I'm getting antsy, LOL.  It has almost been 2 months since we've heard a peep.  I guess what I'm asking is there any truth to the theory that "The Squeaky Wheel Gets the Grease"?  Do you all call every few weeks for check-ins and updates?  Or is that annoying?  I am thinking I need to just chill the heck out, to tell you the truth!  Wink

Re: How Often Do You Communicate With Agency?

  • We are not active yet. However, we receive an email/phone call every two weeks from our case worker and adoptive parent specialist to check in on us. They see how we are doing, if we have any questions, where we are in the process, etc. This will continue once we are active too. After we go active the wait is not expected to be long at all (in fact, the three new families added this week to our program were matched same week and at least two of the other four are currently in matches awaiting their BM's birth). But if we were to go active and not be matched right away the communication would continue every two weeks in which we would be updated monthly about how often our profile was shown.

    Did you talk with them before you became active about their processes, and how they communicate with you? And at what points? Maybe this is normal for your agency - it wouldn't hurt to ask them. It might be that they just have nothing to tell you.


  • We were told that we will hear from our case worker every other month.  I think we'll be getting an email from her this next week.
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