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any one listening to star 94 today?

I was on my drive home and flipping through the radio stations and heard this guy reading a letter. ?I missed the beginning so I have no idea who it was or what he was talking about. ?I guess it was the Star 94 traffic guy? ?He was going on and on about how sorry he was his girlfriend?and?their?kids. ?And sorry that his parents were finding out, etc. ?And he went on and on and was almost in tears. ?Anyone hear what he was talking about?

Re: any one listening to star 94 today?

  • The traffic guy has 4 kids with his on again off again girlfriend.  He never told anyone about them and was living a "secret life".  I guess the traffic guy is/was dating Cindy's nanny and the babymoma somehow got a hold of the girlfriend and told her that he was the dad to her kids.  She didn't know what to believe.  He came clean today about his "secret" life that I guess very few knew about.  It really sounded staged to me IMO.
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