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Manual Pumping

I just bought a Lansinoh manual pump.  We are going out one night with friends in NYC and I didn't want to lug my electric pump.  Does anyone have any tips for manual pumping?  I can't quite seem to get the hang of it.  I pumped for 15 minutes and got one ounce... with my electric I usually get 5 or 6.

Re: Manual Pumping

  • I only manually pump because I'm too cheap to buy an electric :)

    I find that I have to get the shield positioned just right to get it to work well.  It also sometimes helps to reposition several times during the session.  I use short pumps instead of deep, long pumps if that makes sense.  

    Hope you find somethign that works well for you!

  • agree exactly with pp. Mine is shorter than deeper. I have to reposition it to where the nipple is in right with the suctions, I lean into it, it becomes more comfy for me
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