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The tech is 75% sure it's a girl...

So I have been waiting on the edge of my seat for weeks to have my 20 week ultrasound because I really want to know the sex of the baby and I wanted to know whether everything was okay and normal.

I went to the appointment today and at first she could not see anything due to the baby's position and then she said it looks like a girl but she's not positive. She said she's about 75% sure. I am perfectly happy with a boy or a girl but I just want to know either way. Now I'm going to be stuck with the idea that it's 75% a girl or 25% a boy for the next few weeks.

Also, since she is a technician, she said she is not authorized to give me any information about the baby's development so I have to wait another week for the radiologist report.

I was hoping to get more info out of the appointment so I'm feeling a little bummed today.



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Re: The tech is 75% sure it's a girl...

  • That would be frustrating!  The good news is that baby is healthy, the bad news is that you're back to being patient.  Will you get another ultrasound any time soon for confirmation?  You could always go have a 3D scan done if the wait is too much!  Good luck!  :)

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  • Sorry to hear your little girl wasn't being completely cooperative.  Will your doctor authorize another u/s so you can verify to a greater percentage?
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  • Hi there!! I was just wondering if you had found out this week :-)

    That is very frustrating! Sorry that they didn't have a more definitive result for you. Boo!!

  • I'm sorry they couldn't give you a definite.  We go Monday for our 20week and I am dying to know.  I can't imagine how frustrated you must be.  At least you have a healthy little baby!! :)
  • The same thing happend to us.  They told us they were 95% sure she was a girl.  She would not turn the right way and when she finally did she had her hands down covering her privates.  Ugh!!!  Luckily we were able to get another u/s later in the pregnancy and they could tell then. 
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  • How frustrating! ?We had a bad experience with our ultrasound as well and it really got me down. I had really high hopes of what it would be like going in. ?Hang in there- hopefully you can get another one done so you can get it confirmed and see more. ?Doing the 3D for a little extra money may end up being a good option. ?I ended up getting a second regular one due to a little bleeding, but I hope that doesn't happen to you!
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  • That's a bummer!  You tell that baby to cooperate at your next U/S!!!
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