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So I was just over on 2nd trimester

and they were discussing baby swimsuits which brought me to a question I've been meaning to ask.

If you have a little person in the summer (like mine will be little little) and you want to go to the pool but you can't use sunscreen.

What do you do?  Like I guess I'm questioning the bathing suit situation bc if they have a bathing suit on and it's summer but they can't wear sunscreen even under and umbrella they could still get burned bc of the sun being reflected right?

Re: So I was just over on 2nd trimester

  • My DD was born at the end of August of an?extremely?hot summer and we did not take her out by the pool that summer. ?When we did take her out, it was late in the day after the sun had set and always under shade. ?They definitely don't need a bathing suit and there is no way I would take a baby that young in a pool. ?

    I am not even sure I would take a baby that young out to a pool. ?You can't protect their skin totally and they overheat easily. ?If you do, I would just dress it in light cotton, maybe cover its legs with a light receiving blanket, stay in the shade and don't stay out long.

  • I want to say I doubt I will actually do this however I was just curious.  More so than the kid at that point I'm pretty sure my big pasty arse is not going to be anywhere near a pool :)

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  • BabyHill was born 7-30 - we didn't go out in the sun (pool/beach) until the following year.  By that time, he was a-ok for sunscreen. 

    My opinion - if you have to worry about age appropriate sunscreen for little ones - they probably shouldn't be out in the sun to begin with.  

    I think it's okay to take them out when they are young to the pool or beach, but only for very short periods of time, then covered under a hat and a tent with spf.  

  • I don't know about pools, but I know you aren't supposed to let them in the ocean until they are six months.  I'm sure we'll take him out on the boat but he won't be in the water, just the shade and A.C.!
  • We registered for one of those sun domes which we plan to use when we go to the beach and possibly the pool. 

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  • My pedi said it was ok for DS to have sunscreen on.  It's better than a baby with a sunburn.  And of course the obvious things like a hat and staying in the shade, but since shade does not offer full protection, to put baby safe sunscreen on him.  DS was out in the sun alot this summer and didn't get a lick of sun.  We're just outdoors type people and weren't going to coop ourselves in the house all summer.  BUT, Eli was born in January, so he wasn't a tiny baby during the summer months.

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