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Nursing/Breast Pad Recommendations?

Hi ladies - I wanted to go out and pick up a small box of nursing/breast pads to have on hand after I have DS and was wondering which you recommend. I'm leaning towards disposable ones but I'm not sure.


Re: Nursing/Breast Pad Recommendations?

  • I use the Lansinoh disposable nursing pads (purple box). They are nice because they have a little sticky patch that will stick in your bra. I wouldn't want to be looking for my nursing pad. My luck it would end up somewhere that everyone could see it!
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  • For disposables the Lansinoh ones work well.  But I prefer the reusable ones that you can buy off of etsy sellers.  They are made of the same stuff a cloth diaper is (but thinner) and don't crinkle like the Lansinoh ones do.
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  • Ditto lansinoh.  I tried reusable ones by lansinoh and maybe medela also (can't remember which brands, but I bought them at target or the supermarket) and I wouldn't recommend them.  They're very thick and I leaked straight through them in the early days.  Maybe the ones the pp referred to work better.  I've also heard about wool ones that work well, but haven't tried them.
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  • Thanks ladies.  Until I have LO and get established I'm going to try the lansinoh ones but I'm going to look into the etsy ones.
  • I use bamboo ones beacuse they are eco friendly + bamboo is naturally antibacterial,hypoalergenic & deodorizing!!!

    They come in diff. designs so it's fun to pick them out - I have 4 sets of 2 as of now but need more cause I wash them in cold water alone - then air dry.

    There is one lady on Esty that has cool ones ~ Her Co. name is like Southern Bells or something 



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  • I use Playtex disposable nursing pads (pink and blue box). When I was working outside the home and pumping, I used Curity disposable nursing pads (pink box with white lettering), because they're individually wrapped, which was best for traveling.


    ETA: Both brands have the little sticky patch so that they stay in place.

  • do not stock pile on them- some people just dont leak, others are faucets. i used the johnson and johnson ones and loved them. but its all personal preference
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  • I used Lansinoh brand and it worked great.
  • I have smaller breasts even now so the Lansinoh ones were HUGE for me.  I tried Gerber and leaked all over.  Once I discovered the Johnson and Johnson disposables I have never looked back.  They also have the sticky tab, but I rarely use them. 
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  • I really liked the Lansinoh breast pads.
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