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Stronger Suction @ 4 months!!

DD is 4 months old and I just noticed that she is sucking sooooo much harder, is this because muscles are getting stronger?  It kind of hurts now!

Re: Stronger Suction @ 4 months!!

  • My nipples had to readjust at 4 months cause of the stronger suction and the constantly pulling off to look around at noises or lights.  They were sore for a while, but are back to normal now. 
  • that sounds exactly what I am going through, the pulling off is rather annoying, why do they have to be so abrupt about it?


    anyway, thanks!

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  • DH has a knack for coming in and making a big noise to entertain DS when he is eating and I scold him for it every time.  I already turn off the TV and the radio and DS is still distracted by the dogs and cats, he doesn't need daddy distracting him more (at the cost of my nipples).
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