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F/U: the woman with 8 babies actually has 14 kids

Re: F/U: the woman with 8 babies actually has 14 kids

  • Call me judgemental and opinionated, but I have no respect for this woman. I am disgusted by her irresponsible behavior. I also hope the doctor who performed the treatments loses his license. By allowing herself to become pregnant with 8, she risked the health of ALL 8... Not to mention that she risked her own health, which is a terrible thing to do to the 6 children she already has! Do her children even have a father? I've heard nothing about him.

    I'm also disgusted with the press for making her such a media darling.

  • I admit to being judgmental too.  This whole thing just doesn't make any sense at all.  Who is this doctor that allowed this to happen?  At first I assumed that it couldn't be IVF.  But now I'm hearing that it was.  What kind of doctor transfers eight embryos?

    Maybe I'm too jaded, but why do I get the feeling that the mother wanted this so she could sell her story for big bucks? 

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  • She is also on welfare and the father's where abouts are a bit sketchy. Some say he is not in the picture and others say he is being deployed which means government money is funding her stupidity.

    - LH

  • this is irresponsible parenting IMO

    and the Dad (granddad) telling the media "you won't find us" is like he's challenging them!

    and being on welfare, I sure hope we the taxpayers did not pay for her IF treatments, and why did she need them when she had 6 kids already???

    I know couples who struggle for yrs emotionally and financially to have one child and here she is with 14, putting them in danger, she's stupid IMO!

  • Yeah, highly unethical IMHO.
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