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Speaking of the Chicken Pox

I know we had a post about it and the vaccine a few weeks ago and thought you guys would fine this interesting, because I sure am.

As you guys know my DH got a reaction to the vaccine 3 weeks after getting the first dose back in October. Well Mikey got his vaccine 2 weeks ago at his 15 month appointment and guess what? I think he has it too. I saw some spots around his chin yesterday but thought they were just mosquito bites but DH saw some around and in his ear this morning and I saw another on his neck too. Looks way too much like a chicken pox than a bug bite now. I'm taking him to the pedi at 2 to get visual confirmation, we get to be isolated at the office, oh joy!

Hopefully its not the chicken pox but if it is then boy are my DH and Mikey really rare individuals! Should probably play the lotto this weekend Wink

Re: Speaking of the Chicken Pox

  • Wow - you are becoming a regular over there! LOL!

    Poor guy.  I am so so hesitant about the chicken pox vaccine.  I may try to put it off and do it later.  

    Keep us posted - hopefully it's not, but it sre sounds suspicious.

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  • wow! sounds like it is from what you say!

    gl to mikey i can imagine how bad he would want to touch the pox!

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  • wow, very rare individuals! poor baby if he has it :( hope it's not it keep us updated.


  • Oh boy! Well, if it makes you feel any better when Sophie got the Chicken Pox vaccine on Wednesday the doctor advised us that it is possibly that 2-3 weeks after the vaccine is administered that she could get a rash and/or fever. He assured me that the rash would be a reaction and not the chicken pox.

    With everything that happened with Mikey's dad its best for you to be diligent and take him in but I hope for all of your sakes that its not the real chicken pox and only a reaction!!!! FINGERS AND TOES CROSSED!

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  • On No!!! Please keep us posted...If it is the chickenpox, I hope he doesn't get it too badly :o(
    ~~Givette~~ Lilypie Fourth Birthday tickers
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