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less spitup with bottle of BM?

I BF and pump.  DD is super gassy and spits up all the time.  I noticed she does better when we put BM in a bottle.  I asked LC and she said it shouldn't matter - nursing should be less gasy.  Yesterday, I nursed twice and she was gassy and fussy after but gave all the rest bottles and she had the best day - no gas at all, smiling, did tummy time and was super pleasant!  I'm debating just pumping for her - I feel awful when she is in such pain.  Anyone else have an issue like this?

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Re: less spitup with bottle of BM?

  • It is probably the angle she us eating.  When DS is bottle fed, he can eat sitting up, but when I BF him, he has to be at a reclining angle.  SO when he is bottle fed there is practically no spit up.
  • I have the same issues. She gets two bottles of bm when I'm at work and never spits up. When I nurse, she burps up/spits up  a good amount and I'm always changing her burp clothes and bibs. I have a strong fast let down which she is accustomed to, but i think she drinks too much or too fast. Dr thinks its fine since it doesn't bother her when she does it. Dr also told me to stop feeding her and burp her more, but since she only bf's for the most 5 minutes per side, thats kinda hard to do.
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  • I EP but even if you BF, you could try to give her some mylicon after her mid-feeding burp. I always give mylicon to DD and it has helped a ton with her gas!
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  • That LC is crazy!  DD did this as well and it wasn't until she went to day-care (got bottles all day) that we realized it.  I contributed it to my let down, b/c it is pretty forceful and DD would sometimes choke and you could tell she was taking in some air when nursing b/c she was trying so hard to keep up.  Poor baby!  But, she doesn't have issues with it anymore.  I guess she got used to it.  Good luck, and as PP said, Mylicon will/should help. 
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