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34wk update : almost 6lbs!!!!

hey ladies, I went to the perinatologist for my monthly biophysical since I have GD. now I start my weekly visits....all the way in weston :( anyway I'm totally freaking out because I'm actually only 33w6d and he's around 5lb13oz at this rate he'll be about 8lbs by 38 weeks if i didn't have GD with the GD he'll be like 9-10lbs thank god they will induce if he hits 9lbs by us but I don't think I would even risk a vag del for a baby that big....I lacerated so bad with a 6lb 4oz baby I can't imagine with a baby that's any bigger and then the healing process almost took 6 months... my stitches tore 1 week after. the only plus would be that if i do get a c-section I can have my tubal right then and there but I really am trying to avoid the c/s. so I'm totally keeping my mouth under control, although my blood sugars have not been too bad I will be very strict the next couple weeks.


at least I now know why I feel like I have no space left lol he's taking up almost all the space angelina took lol

Re: 34wk update : almost 6lbs!!!!

  • Wow!  Sounds like you're going to have a big baby!!!!!

    Keep us posted! 

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  • i wouldnt go by the u/s 100%

    i was told mady was 6 lbs when i was 36 weeks and at 38 wks and 2 days (when i delivered) she was a whopping 8lbs and 2 oz. the u/s to me is a "guesstimate" imo!

    and at this point you shouldnt be controlling your appetite. eat what you want (under appropriate measures of course)...your baby is in the final stretch and needs all the nutrients he needs!


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  • well I have to be strict since I am GD. I have been kind of slacking lately so I do contribute that to the growth. Angelina was 2oz from the estimated size the day before she was delivered. your ultrasound sounds VERY accurate actually. lol I dont mean strict by staying hungry I mean strict by being on the GD diet strictly!!! Thanks  :)
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