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We are doing this bed set...

We really want to paint the walls. What color should we do?


  • I really like the paint color shown in the pic.  I would definitely go with a neutral tan but in a dark shade.  The bedding is adorable.  I think the neutral walls showcase it best.
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  • That's really nice.  I agree with the darker shades, it looks good in that photo.  I had a designer recommend a brown for a 1/2 bath and I thought it was going to look horrible and I ended up liking it more than any other room in the house!!!!

  • I like how the picture is......maybe you can seperate the two colors in the middle with some crown molding.
  • If you don't like the browns you could go with a light blue to make it feel bigger, just make sure it's in the same shade as the darker blues.  You can accent with the darker browns and if you get the little pictures on the wall and stuff you could trim them out in a dark brown so that you're not overkilling the blue.
  • I love that pattern....of course I saw it only came in blue and pink, and I want GREEN! 
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