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Elisabeth Hasselbeck on "the view"

did anyone see her announce her third pregnancy?  It's on youtube and its the saddest thing, IMO! lol She just says, im pregnant again, and the show and/or Whoppi tried to make it all exciting and thats all she said.  She said she didn't know for the first two months because she attributed how badly she felt, to election stress, etc.  However, it got me to thinking, is this how everyone feels after their first  or second child?  For thos eof you with two or more, does it get kind lame, or does Elisabeth have some 'slaining to do? ;o)

Re: Elisabeth Hasselbeck on "the view"

  • i wouldnt know from experience, but i most certainly hope not!

    a baby is a joy no matter if its the first or the 18th (lol ask the duggars)..jk!

    she irks me the wrong way though, she's sort of annoying!

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  • i think she was really excited about it, but the rest of them sort of downplayed it. it seemed like she would have liked to talk longer about it, but Whoopi just kinda brushed it off and moved to the next subject. I knew she was preggers like, 3 weeks ago! I could totally tell, cause she's usually stick thin and she all of the sudden started wearing loose shirts and her arms looked thicker. lol

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  • In a sense, sometimes my second pregnancy was even more exciting. Knowing that I was giving Alex a sibling was super exciting for all of us. While I didnt so much enjoy being pregnant, I couldnt wait to meet my Max!!!
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  • Didn't see the show, but in my experience, I love being pregnant, both the first and the second time. 
  • Personally, I can't stand her!!

  • I just watched it on youtube and I definately think she was excited, but it was VERY obvious it wasn't a planned pregnancy. I felt bad that there really was no "Congrats" giving to her by the other girls, other than Sherri rubbing her tummy. I sort of think she didn't really want a lot of attention brought to herself.

    Now as far as 2nd pregnancies are concerned, I think I was just as excited with Hannah as I was with Kaitlyn, maybe even more (just like Lauren, giving her a sibling) BUT I hate being pregnant. I know it's a wonderful thing and I hate even saying that I don't enjoy it because there are so many women who struggle (including a very good friend of mine) but I'm not a glowy pregnant girl. I push through the 9 months and anticipate the end result :)

    I never think it gets lame, I will be thrilled with a third pregnancy (if we go that route) but I do see myself joking like "oh boy, here we go again....."


  • i didn't get to see any belly rubbing idk what you typed in to se eit, but all i saw was, "i'm pregnant again..." and even a Confused sorta face...idk maybe its simething about the third time around, or maybe the clip you are seeing shows more excitement.  what did you type in, i put elisabeth hasselbeck is pregnant again
  • I typed elizabeth hasselbeck pregnant and it was like the 1st or 2nd clip. It was pretty long, like 7 mins. Right as they went to change the subject the camera was only on Elizabeth and you see Sherri's hand quickly rub her belly. I mean, Elizabeth wasn't over-the-moon excited but it showed. But you could sense it for sure was an "oops" baby :)
  • wow! yea... editing can make all of the difference in the world.  that clip was much better.  the one i saw was from celeb tv i think and it made it look like she didnt really care.  ok still i think she was more excited about the first two lol
  • I thikn she looked really happy about it but it was obviously an "oops"... She probably felt akward announcing it because people are so judgmental nowadays. If you tell people you actually want more than 2 kids thy look at you like you have three heads!
  • Ummm- I just saw the clip, I can see she's happy but the way she announces it gives it away it was an oops baby! "I'm KNOCKED up" and if I can say they only spent 1:24 on her pregnancy when the whole clip is over 7 minutes long.

    As for having child #2,3,4 or 18 (not that I know after 2) but we were super excited, shocked and over the moon when we found out we were pregnant again!

  • i also watched it....and thought she just looked uncomfy annoucing it. i am sure the ladies congratulated her when they found out earlier :)
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