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UGH!!! PBK vent

I am so annoyed.  We ordered our furniture (crib, changing table and glider) from Pottery Barn Kids at the beginning of December. It's almost February and STILL NO FURNITURE!!!!!!!!!  I have called them 5 times, gotten 5 different answers and no one can seem to tell me where the furniture is or when it will be delivered.  I paid a lot of money for this furniture and I demand better service than this!!  Anyone else have any issues with PBK before?

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Re: UGH!!! PBK vent

  • All of our bedroom furniture is from PB and DD had PBK nursery furniture. Shipping is ridiculous and takes forever. I think I waited about 12 weeks for ours to come and it came seperately.
  • I'm sorry you're both having/had trouble!  But it's good to know...I was on the fence about purchasing PBK furniture or not. 
  • All the stuff I've ordered from PBK has always arrived in a week or two, but I didn't get furniture. It is really annoying to pay tons of money and not have the things you ordered already. Didn't they give you an estimate of when it would be delivered. The furniture we are getting for the nursery will take 4 to 8 weeks to arrive, at least we know it upfront.

    Hope your stuff gets there soon!?

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  • I could have written this post.  I was just about to pick up the phone to call and check on the status of our furniture order....but they called today to set up delivery for tomorrow.  I was really beginning to wonder...we ordered it in December too. 
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  • Yeah, it usually takes 8-12 weeks to get furniture from there. They told me that up front when I ordered though. They also told me someone would be calling me to set up a delivery date/time as it got closer to coming in.

    Its worth the wait IMO, i LOVE their stuff and have never had a problem with any of it.

  • I am sorry you are dealing with this - I do not have any experience w/ PBK b/c I ordered from BRU.  But I chose furniture that had real wood inside the drawers b/c I wanted better quality and am hoping it will last. 

    It took forever to arrive, cust service was a nightmare, and when it finally did arrive there was a giant hole in the back so now I get to deal w/ return shipping.

    So I hope for your sake that even if you have to wait a little longer and endure cust service that your items will arrive hole-free and beautiful!

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