I'm crying...

I'm watching the adoption story on the discovery channel. and I cry everytime I watch it. It is so great that people open their hearts like that. I've always wanted to adopt...but I think to be honest it was just one of those things that I never really thought would happen. But the more I think about it I really really would love to. I'm korean and DH is from south america and I would love to adopt a child from korea. I want to teach him/her all the traditions that I love and am so proud of from my roots. I have talked to my family about it..and I think their main concern is how the child will be effected by them knowing that they were abandoned/given up on. But even with a biological child...we all go threw ups and downs. anyways, I just wanted to post this and thank everyone on this board for what they are doing. I think it's great!!! best wishes to everyone :)
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Re: I'm crying...

  • Just wanted to say, AIDEN is a cutie!!!


  • Wanted to give my 2 cents on the abandonment issue. We adopted our daughter from China in 2003. She was abandoned near a school in winter and from what we're able to understand, was very sick when found. She was estimated to be about one week old when found.

    What she is able to understand will change as she grows. We don't use the word "abandoned" with her. We phrase it more that her birthfamily wasn't able to keep her and wanted her to have a chance for a better life. I have gathered as much information as I can about her beginnings, including having photos taken of the spot where she was found, a rock from where she was found, etc. and she and I are going back to China this summer where she will get to visit  her orphanage and foster family (if they are still in the area). 

    When we were beginning the adoption process and during the time we were waiting, we attended as many seminars as we could that would give us information about how to help her deal with the issues that might come up. She is seen by a pediatrician who specializes in internationally adopted children who can help us with any questions that we have as they arise. What she has told us is that the more she is in touch with her culture, the visit to China, the fact that we keep her in touch with her orphanage-mates who we traveled with on our adoption trip will all help her through the difficult puberty years. This is a documented fact, not just one person's perception. 

    I think we're fortunate that more research has been done than in previous generations and more resources are available to help.



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  • imageMrs_Rod:

    Just wanted to say, AIDEN is a cutie!!!


    I agree!! So adorable!

     We adopted my son over 2 yrs ago, and I can't speak for all adoptive parents when I say this, but I don't think that we are the one who deserve the thanks...the birthmoms deserve it =)

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