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Nadia got her ears pierced- some questions inside!

Nadia got her ears pierced yesterday at her pedi's office. It broke my heart, but I'm glad we got it out of the way. Once we got home she seemed to forget the entire experience...

They gave me a little packet of what seems to be neosporin and told to apply that to each ear last night. I did that... now what? That seems way to easy. How did you care for your little ones newly pierced earlobes? What else should I be doing???

Also, when can I change out the dr's earrings for something else? I have the earrings I wore as a baby and I would like for her to wear those too...




Re: Nadia got her ears pierced- some questions inside!

  • Awww what a cutie :)

    I got Alexis' ears pierced at 2 months also.  They told me to clean 3 times a day with a mix of peroxide and water - half and half.  So what i did was get a squeeze bottle and just mix the peroxide with the water so I had it.  Clean the front and back and then twist them so that they turn.  Do that i think for 6 weeks.  i was good about it for the first 2 weeks then I slacked off a little and didn't do it 3 times a day, but I still did it.  

    It takes 6 weeks to heal then you can change to other earrings.  I waited 2 months actually until her 4 month appt and had the nurse change them b/c I was nervous about doing it!!  I've had no problems at all and changed her earrings into different ones again about a month ago, this time I did it myself! 

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  • i second the 6 weeks wait period.  For Charlotte though, i just used alchohol three times a day and just dripped a tiny bit on, twisted it, and then did the back the same way. GL
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  • i remember when i got my ears pierced (when I was 7 and then the second and 3rd holes when i was 18 and 22 lol) that i had to twist them 1/2 way every night so that the skin wouldn't close up on them. 
  • Ditto Kris, I just used alcohol and twisted them 2x a day.... I left them in a while longer than 6 weeks. Word of warning, the ones they use to pierce are super hard to get out so I might wait until she goes back to the ped and have them do it!
  • we did the alcohol thing too and twisted every night after her shower for 6 weeks... actually I still do it occationally because I know people that have had the back get imbedded into the ear from not changing the earing out or at least turning 6 weeks I changed them to the ones she has on and shes never had them changed again so that's why I have the imbedded concern. I now use the ones we used for her to get pierced...the only earrings I have not lost within a few weeks and can actually sleep with since the back is round lol anyway Congrats on getting her ears pierced :)
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