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Been kinda/sorta MIA

#1 - My company blocked FACEBOOK. Can I get a big fat boooo? Ugh. LOL. It was expected and I am actually kinda surprised it was unblocked to begin with but still...I miss it.

#2 - I was travelling most of last week on business to Ohio. Geez its cold up there.

#3 - I am super sick. I had a mild cold that was aggravated by the freezing Ohio climate and the airplanes it took to get there and back. Its now a sinus infection which I am on antibiotics for and I am FINALLY on the mend. I have a had a few fake-out moments where the cold medicine I was on fooled me into thinking I was getting better but now I think, think, thiiiink that I really am. Its been a long 10 days for me, I tell you what.

I do need some good vibes for something other than my health (although that would help, too). My job has been going really well even in the face of this crappy economy. I have had to give a couple of presentations the past couple of weeks (while sick) that were received VERY well. This may open up (hoping, hoping, hoping) a new opportunity for me which will come to light over the next few months. If you could maybe put in a few good thoughts for me I would really appreciate it. At the moment I am very overworked and feeling underappreciated by big management. This new opportunity may just put me in line with some bigger and better things.

Any little bit helps!!! And that is what I have been up to. :) In case you were wondering.

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