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Our translation is being done in Colombia.  We were told it would be at least 3 weeks to get it done here, plus we've heard stories of he Colombian government not accepting documents that were not translated in country.  That and the rediculous difference in price (35 cents per WORD here vs $4 per PAGE there) made the decision easy.  And it's looking like by the end of the week the orphanage will have both the official copy and the translated copy (I had another post where I explained that, but they had to be sent separately because the official one goes through the government official's office and we sent our copy for translation to get it started quicker). YAY 

Re: ***Captain Serious***

  • Wow.  That's a huge cost savings!

    We have to have ours translated in Peru.  I was just asking because your turnaround seems so fast.  We were given an estimate of 3 weeks.

  • Colombia seems quick for this, at least Bogota.  Other friends of ours have had about the same turnaround as us.  Here's hoping your estimate was high and it'll be sooner.
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