smooth-er sailing

so we still have no idea when we'll get a referral but let's face it, no one ever really does right?  At least we have one bit of great news today.  We sent our client copy of our dossier for translation last week but the 'official legal copy' needed to go straight to the orphanage via a government official in our country.  Our agency was a little cautious about that saying that this official sometimes sends things quickly and smoothly and other times balks when papers are going to a private orphanage as opposed to the ministry of children in the foreign country.

aaaaaaaaaaaaanyway....the great news is that we received confirmation that the dossier was sent via fedex yesterday to the orphanage as we requested, and should therefore be in the hands of the orphanage officials by Friday!!!  Happy Wedesday to me!

Re: smooth-er sailing

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