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Decorating advice

WE've painted the nursery; light blue above and light green lower and we'll be putting up a wallpaper Winnie the Pooh Border to separate the two.  We have to refinish/paint a dresser for the changing table.  Originally we were going to paint it a pale yellow, but that was when I was planning on a natural wood colored crib.  Now the crib we got has an espresso finish and I'm worried that the pale yellow may not look good with it.  Should I still go with the pale yellow (there is yellow in the wallpaper) or something else and if so what? I can't seem to get the pictures to post, so here's the link to the album with pictures of the walls (from someone else's nursery where I got the idea, but it gives you the basic idea), wallpaper, and crib (oh and an ultrasound..just ignore that :) )





Re: Decorating advice

  • Hmm..since you have an espresso colored crib and currently a natural wood color dresser/changing table, I would paint the changing table yellow.?
  • I agree with pp




  • I also agree...the espresso will be a nice contrast in the room
  • You could also paint the accents, such as the handles, the expresso to tie it in.
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