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Ugh, bummed.

I just got a message from a good friend (it was via Facebook) and she included 2 other good friends. She wants to take a girls vacation next winter. The other 2 friends hopped right on board and it would be a lot of fun, but honestly, I just don't think we can swing it.  Financially or time wise. Winter just isn't a good time for either DH or I to take off. We own a snow plowing business and while he's the one out plowing (with a couple other guys we employ), I'm home with the kids. A couple of inches can mean we don't see him (awake) for 3 days. My mom lives an hour away (with my dad and younger sister) so having the kids go to her wouldn't work for DD#1 who'd be in school. Asking the IL's (who live 1/2 mile away) would just be laughable. We can hardly get them to babysit for one night, much less a few days in a row. 

One friend has older kids that can either stay home on their own, go to their dad's or stay with friends.  The one suggesting the trip has daycare (while her DH would be working) or her parents who would help out.  The third also has daycare (and both sets of parents nearby) while her DH is working.  I feel like I'm such a party pooper, but this is just the way it is.  I'm bummed that there's a pretty good chance that I'll miss out on the trip, but there isn't really much we can do about it. Sad

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Re: Ugh, bummed.

  • Totally understand your situation. My only other married friend doesnt have kids, and the rest of my friends are constantly planning stuff and I just never seem to be able to make it. Sometimes there just isnt enough money or sometimes we just cant leave the baby behind. Oh well, we'll have our fun one day.
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  • Your situation is totally understandable and it is a bummer that the timing is just not right.  Maybe you can suggest that you girls can go on a weekend getaway during the summer.
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