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My poor baby girl is so sick!

I got a call to pick her up from MDO yesterday because after her nap she was clingy and just not herself.  Plus, she just picked at her lunch and didnt eat anything.   I got there 30 min later.  The teacher said Sarah threw up all over the place Sad

There is no worse feeling than having a little one vomit and be so scared. 

She's finally stopped getting sick, but now it's coming out the other end!  FUN TIMES!

What's worse, is today is my last official day of work and I HAVE to be here for exit interviews and such.  Thank goodness for my SIL.  She spent the night last night so she could watch Sarah today!

Re: My poor baby girl is so sick!

  • that stinks! i hope she feels better soon. maybe the silver lining is at least you won't have to feel the least bit guilty about being home with her for the rest of the week...

  • Poor thing. I hope she feel better soon. I hope the rest of your family stays healthy.
  • Oh no, poor baby girl!
  • poor thing!  I hope she starts feeling better soon.
  • Bless her little heart.  I hope she feels better soon.


  • I hope she feels better soon! And yay for your last day of work! :)
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  • I'm so sorry Sarah is sick -- I HATE the stomach flu, whether me or the kids.  But Oh My, your SIL deserves a medal!  Taking care of someone else's stomach-sick kid is more than I could ever do!
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  • It is so hard to see them sick! ?I hope she feels better soon!
  • Awww.....your poor baby girl.  Hopefully she'll be good as new soon.
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  • Hope she gets to feeling better soon!
  • Poor girl.  I hope she feels better soon.
  • Poor thing, I hope she feels better!~

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  • Poor punkin! I hope she is feeling better.
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  • Not fun.  I hope she is better soon.  At least when we are going through stomach bugs, we understand what is going on.  It has got to be so hard on the little ones.
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  • i hope she's feeling better today!
  • Oh no!  DS has had the same thing since Sat and it is NOT getting better.  I feel so helpless I can't do anything to make him feel better.
  • Poor baby, hope she is feeling better soon.
  • This stuff is nasty!  Poor thing is STILL sick. Not near as sick as Wed & yesterday - but still nothing is staying in her. 

    Oh, and I think pedialyte must be like crack....this stuff is going to be hard to wean her from.

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