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Has anyone used a midwife or doula?  Did you like the experience?  Does Sibley allow them?  Thanks! 

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  • I used a midwives - at a hospital with dr back up (Which I ended up needing).  It was a wonderful experience. I felt like the midwife that delivered me was a lot more available and spent a lot more time in the delivery room with me than my friends who used Doc's only experienced.  It was a wonderful experience.
  • Thanks.  That's really helpful.  Where did you deliver?  Are midwives connected to specific hospitals only or can they freelance? 
  •  I used to live in DC, but moved right before I got preggers.  I live about 2 hours south of DC now (Delivered at Rockingham Memorial Hospital) - but ours were connected to the hospital.
  • My midwives are with Loudoun Midwives and they deliver at INOVA Loudoun.  They also have a doctor available in case of emergency.
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  • I went to Physicians & Midwives in Alexandria - they only deliver at Alexandria INOVA.  Would highly recommend them though.
  • I am delivering at Sibley and my practice (contemporary women's healthcare) has a midwife.
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  • I am planning a home birth with a midwife.  So far I've been happy with the care I've received.  In another few weeks, I'll have a more thorough review :)


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