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Honey for coughs - 18 months

I know the study about honey helping coughs that was done was for children 2-18. Anyone tried this for a littler guy? My DS (18 months old) has been hacking for days. We've tried the steamy shower rooms, cold mist humidifer, fluids, etc. He is very stuffy, so I think the cough is a post-nasal drip. He acts like he's gagging sometimes when he's coughing.  He coughs 2 or 3 times, looks like he's gagging, his face turns red, then he coughs again.  It scares me to death!  When he's in bed (Propped up with 2 pillows to help) he's coughing non-stop.  Any other suggestions welcome as well.  



Re: Honey for coughs - 18 months

  • DD had a bad cold/chest congestion about a month ago and we gave her teaspoons of honey with a little bit of bottle lemon juice squeezed in.  This is something I do for myself, so I just thought it might help.  It seemed to, at least temporarily... but then she'd take a sip of juice or milk, and I think that would take the honey coating off of her throat. 

    Have you talked to the ped about doing a nebulizer?  That's what finally took care of her cough and chest congestion.

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