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Not to sound too cheesy, but...

I am so in love with being a mom!!!  I was excited to meet my baby and take this next step in life, but I honestly had no idea how happy she would make us.  DH and I are both on cloud nine, and he keeps telling me how this is the best week of his life.  (He even asked me to make him a list of chores and he has done all of the laundry so I don't have to!!) I know it helps that she is a great eater and sleeper (knock on wood), but we truly feel like we hit the lottery with this parenting thing.  We love the faces she makes while she's trying to poop and I don't even mind my new sleep schedule of one hour here, another hour there...  Who knew it could be so amazing??? .  Big Smile

Re: Not to sound too cheesy, but...

  • Awww...I'm so happy for you! Everybody always posts about how exhausted they are so it's nice to read something so touching! Enjoy your beautiful girl!!
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  • that's wonderful!!!
  • The combination of your post and a Baby Story on TLC are making me cry. I'm so happy for you guys!
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  • Congratulations! ?You deserve it. ?She was definitely worth the wait! ?Thanks so much for posting this. ?It makes me all the more excited for the arrival of my little girl. ?We want more pictures!
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  • Enjoy every minute of if!!!  It goes by so fast. 
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  • Awww... so sweet. Write it all down; before you know it she'll be two years old and you won't even remember what it's like to hold a tiny newborn! At least that's my experience Smile I'm glad that I wrote things down here and there (just on my computer - nothing fancy) and I need to start writing down all the hilarious things that my toddler says now b/c I'm sure someday I'll wish I remembered more of it.

    I'm glad that you're loving motherhood!!

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  • sweet!

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    Enjoy every minute of if!!!  It goes by so fast. 

    This is so true!  I never believed it before DD, but time really does fly.

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  • Awwww, that is very sweet!  It makes me so excited to meet my baby boy in a few weeks. 

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  • Aaawwww, I'm so happy for you guys!! :-)


  • She is absolutely beautiful! I'm happy everyone is doing well  :)
  • Aw, that is great! The pics in your sig are adorable :)
  • Like pp said write things down.  I neglected to do that thinking I'll write it down later and day to day gets so hectic that you forget quickly when those little things happened.
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  • Yes please enjoy her, it is unbelievable how fast time passes!  When I see  newborns my heart just melts remembering how just a few months ago my baby was that tiny!
  • Awww, that's so awesome you guys are doing so well.  Those first few months are such a blur in my memory from all that lack of sleep so write things down if you have time like pp have said.  She is such a cutie in your siggie pics.
  • Great idea to write things down.  I am starting her baby book asap, and I'll be sure to include fun details, like the fact that she peed AND pooped while on the changing table last night.  It was quite an adventure!  ;-)
  • Aw, yay!!!  Yay for being a mom!

    Yes, write some stuff down... if anything, it'll remind you later at what age she did what... I'm glad I kept track of milestones for DD #1 (nothing fancy either, just in a Word doc) because I know with DD #2 I'm going to be like "now, when do they start rolling over/teething/eating solids/etc....?"

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  • aw, thanks for the message. makes me excited for our little one..I just hope I'm ready ;)
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