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Sick mom +2 sick kids = 3 housebound people

Uggh!! I've had 101 for the past two days, the baby has a chest cold and my 3 year old has an ear infection, fever and pink eye. Plus there is the first real snowfall here this season and most schools are closed. Thankfully my older DS preschool was open. DH dropped him off and I had another mom pick him up for lunch and a playdate. I am so glad he's an only child 'cause she also offered to bring him home! SCORE!

DH said he'll try and get home by 4...meanwhile we are toughing it out. Baby is in for her nap and DS#2 is watching Thomas...a moment to myself and look where I am.

Re: Sick mom +2 sick kids = 3 housebound people

  • YUCK!  I am so sorry!  We went through this between T-giving and Christmas.  It was the first time the whole fam was sick and I didn't think I'd survive.  The good news is I DID!  So will you but you have my sympathy.  I hope you have a speedy recovery!
  • That was DS and I last week. I really feel for you! I hope you all feel better soon. Get some rest!
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  • Yikes, that stinks, I hope you all are well soon!!!  :)

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