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Could you imagine being at home with 8 babies?  Dh and I constantly talk about how hard it is with our twins but I couldn't imagine doing it with anymore than what I have.  She plans on breastfeeding them all.  WOW.


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  • I would be in the loony bin.
  • Breastfeeding them all?!  She will never be doing anything other than feeding them!  Even if she feed 2 at once, when the 4th set is done, the first set will be ready to eat again.  I definitely couldn't handle that many.
  • I heard about this on the news last night and I honestly just cannot even imagine!  I wonder if they are "ok" financially or will be needing a lot of help?!?  I can't imagine the stress 8 children brings.  ;(


    eclaire 9.10.06  diggy 6.2.11

  • I can't even imagine having TWINS, let alone EIGHT!!! LOL Good luck to her! Hopefully she'll have a lot of help
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