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Did anyone watch Jon and Kate Plus 8 tonight???

Did you find it strange that they moved into a million dollar home and yet she was complaining about the nasty fridge? If that were me, I think I would have sprung for a cleaning company to come in for a few hours and gotten things cleaned up.

Re: Did anyone watch Jon and Kate Plus 8 tonight???

  • She is a clean freak and I don't think anyone could clean up to her standards.
  • Oh, I totally agree! I think I would have had someone clean out all the gunk and then gone back over it myself! haha! I think your own gunk is bad enough but someone else's is so much worse! eww!
  • She is ridiculous sometimes. If I was ever able to move into a beautiful home like that, I wouldn't complain about having to clean it a little bit.


  • I recorded it on my DVR I am going to watch it tonight.  She is a total clean freak she probably wouldn't approve of the way anyone cleaned it but her.  She isn't happy unless she is complaining about something anyway.


  • Wait- they bought a million dollar house? Ugh, I missed the show!


  • Yeah, I thought the same thing and realized what a clean freak she is.  I'd probably do the same.
  • What a nice upgrade to that house!  Those wood floors are just going to make the kids screams echo though!  Notice that they didn't show the outside, probably so that they can't be "stalked" by crazy people. They must get nice perks for the show and the books to be able to afford that!
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  • Oh I was really hoping that they were going to show the outside-the whole house was gorgeous! And to have the barn in the yard-even without animals I would think would be a kids DREAM-so many places to hide and play! But I definitely don't get how it could have taken her FOUR HOURS to clean the fridge-not even the freezer!!! HONESTLY?!?!?!? I know she's a clean freak, but come on!!!!!!!!
  • Seriously, when I see mold like that in a fridge I freak out too! I have moved enough times to know the fridge needs to be super clean before putting any fresh foods in it!

    But I do know what you're all saying, she does complain alot!!!! I just wish she would seem a little more happy about having such a beautiful house.

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  • Yeah, I would freak out if mold was in my fridge too, but my goodness, 4 hours?! Indifferent

    The episode was cute though. All those kiddos running around that big house. :)

  • Did they say it was a million dollars. Because that part of PA in Lancaster County is really cheap to have a big house for next to nothing. I live about an hour south. 
  • it's a million dollar house?! Did I miss that part?! I mean, it's beautiful but....come on! well, i guess if you have that many kids, and have the means, then why the hell not-but i totally missed that part!
  • She cleans her kitchen floor 3 times a day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  That's a clean freak!
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