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1 Success and 1 Challenge

Something my mom's group started out doing in the very beginning, to stimulate conversation (when no one knew anyone and we all were a bit afraid of speaking up!) and to get to know each other was to list 1 success and 1 challenge of your day...

I thought it might be neat to do here, too!

So, name 1 thing you felt was a success today and 1 thing you felt was a challenge!

eclaire 9.10.06  diggy 6.2.11

Re: 1 Success and 1 Challenge

  • Success: Emily napped without resistance and this is BIG in our house right now as she's begun to protest a bit.

    Challenge: Motivating myself to get off my butt and do my list of cleaning today... the weather is gross, Emily is content to watch "Go, Diego Go" and it's oh so nice to be here on the couch, wrapped in a blanket!!!

    eclaire 9.10.06  diggy 6.2.11

  • Success was that Colin had a GREAT birthday!

    Challenge was that I really wanted a nap all day haha Lazy mom!

  • Good one!

     Success: DS has been self-feeding again and his appetite seems to be back. For the last 1.5-2 weeks, he hasn't wanted to feed himself and hasn't eaten very much, but he ate like a chow hound today!

    Challenge: DS's afternoon naps have been just about an hour recently. It makes the end of the day really tough and I don't get my down time/cleaning time during the day.

  • Success:  got to the store and home before the ice storm started.

    Challenge:  trying to finish a quest before Kitcat woke up.  Fail.  

  • Success: Both of the kids went down for their naps easily today and I got to relax for a couple of hours! Yay! I got all of their laundry and mine done today.

    Challenge: I was up late last night reading and did not want to get up this morning. It was a lazy pj day! Such a shame because the sun came out this afternoon but I wasn't presentable! haha! Oh well, tomorrow will be better. 

  • Well today has just started so I'll post for yesterday!

    Success: The nursery is all finished. ?We finally got our crib yesterday (it was on backorder) and put it up so now everything is done!

    Challenge: Not killing my dh. ?I don't know what was with him yesterday but I got an endless string of "Honey, where are..." questions. ?Everything from keys, cell phone, wallet, etc. ?It doesn't really bother me but yesterday everything was where it was supposed to be so he didn't even look before asking! ?The keys were on the key rack, his cell phone was plugged into the charger on top of his dresser and next to his wallet where he always keeps them. ?UGH so frustrating! ??

  • Success: Getting out of Bed and putting in a load of laundry

    Challange: feeling so unmotivated and have so many things to do..  Dont even know where to start...

  • Success:  I completed a load of laundry.

    Challenge:  Getting my 8 month DD to eat something besides a little BM.

  • Success: So far today, I've cleaned the kitchen, given DD a bath, and straightened up the bedrooms.

    Challenge: Need to get 3 hours of work in this afternoon and no motivation!

  • I'm a bit late, but I'll reply!

    Success: I managed to get to loads of laundry done, and I haven't passed out yet (see Challenge).

    Challenge: It's 104 degrees today (it's summer here in Australia) and we have no air conditioning and no fans in our rented townhouse. My main challenge is not to pass out in this heat, which is difficult when you're pregnant...

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