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Vent: Just b/c I'm a SAHM

does not mean I want to spend hours every week helping other people do their work. My BFF is in grad school and I have spent hours helping her with her papers (I used to be a newspaper editor) and now my brother just sent me a 10 page paper to edit. I don't mind every once in a while, but DD's naps are MY time to get things done, not sit at the computer. I should say no, but once you start doing something, it's hard to stop. Thank goodness they'll be graduating soon!

Vent over! I don't feel better, but I should probably get to work!

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Re: Vent: Just b/c I'm a SAHM

  • Hmmm...Good way to make a little extra cash.. Start charging and they'll go away.
  • yup, charge or simply say no.
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  • The other thing you can do is take your time. Tell them you don't have much time this week but you hope to get to it in a few weeks or so. They probably won't have enough time to wait.?
  • I also would say to charge people.  I was a hairstylist before becoming a SAHM, my whole family practically thought I would just be able to give them free hair cuts whenever they needed it.  I got so irritated by it since it was taking up all of my weekends, so I now charge!
  • Being taken advantage of is no fun :( and I think you should charge them, too!!!

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  • Yes, use it as a way to make a little extra change for little extra's to treat yourself or DC. And make sure you indicate that you will be doing it on your schedule, so not within two days. If they want your feedback, they'll just need to make sure they get it to you well in advance of the deadline. Oh, and don't feel like you need to read and comment on all of it - suggest that you'll give in-depth feedback on the first (x) pages, then only comment on the general development of the argument after that. They can use your in-depth feedback from the first section to edit the rest themselves ;-)

    I get this all the time, too. I was teaching in the English department at a university before moving to Australia for my DH's work, and now that I'm a SAHM-to-be, former coworkers have been asking me to help out with their new jobs/grad papers/grading. Uhm, no!

  • This is the same thing that happened to me too! I was suddenly everyone's resume reader...cover letter helper...grad. paper editor. I just took my sweet time and they stopped asking. In a way I did feel good helping though but it gets to be too much.
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