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104.0 is the take them to the ER temperature, right?

Waiting on a call back from the nurse and holding at 103.7 but I think 104.0 is head to the ER time.

 Is that we you guys know?

I think Ethie has croup :(

Re: 104.0 is the take them to the ER temperature, right?

  • 105 is what the doc told me last night.

    *hugs* to Ethie!!?

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  • have you given any tylenol/motrin?

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  • Aww poor Ethie! :( I believe you're right w/ the 104. Personally being that close I would probably take him in. Hope he's feeling better soon. Sorry hon!
  • yep, I wouldn't even wait for the nurse to call back...that's a definite ER temp...in my book anyway!! croup sucks!!! DD had it in October...it was bad.  Good Luck and hope your little guy feels better!!
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    have you given any tylenol/motrin?

    Yup.  1.25 ml of Motrin straight away when i saw that temp.  It was 98.8 when we left for Kumon at 4:30.

  • My pedi's website say anything over 104 repeatedly.  HTH.  Good luck.  :)
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  • Oh, no. Hugs momma let us know what happens.?
  • Oh no! I hope he doesn't have the croup, poor little guy. I think 104 would definitely mean a trip to the ER.
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  • image BrahimBride:
    image SarahFin:

    have you given any tylenol/motrin?

    Yup.  1.25 ml of Motrin straight away when i saw that temp.  It was 98.8 when we left for Kumon at 4:30.

    Like others said, if you suspect it's croup - go on in!  hope he's ok!

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  • Oh Crud! Keeping my fingers crossed that it's not croup.
  • i would if he has other symptoms.  hope he feels better, nothing worse than your child being sick!
  • I don't think there is a whole lot they can do for croup.  It's going to be a night of steamy showers and the vaporizer w/ camphor at the Brideypants-Groomerton household

    *le sigh*

    Ethie is already feeling a touch cooler thanks to a lukewarm bath.


    And I think second time mommas are less apt to hit the ER..I wonder if that's true?

  • More info from my pedi's website (apparently Croup is going around) HTH



    We are currently seeing cases of croup, a viral respiratory illness that most often is caused by the parainfluenza virus. The cough and breathing that are associated with croup make it distinctly different from other viral colds or respiratory illnesses. This is because the parainfluenza virus infects and irritates the voice box, the vocal cords, and the windpipe. The cough is worse at night, and it has a distinct bark that sounds much like a seal's bark. Associated with the barky cough, your child may have difficulty when inhaling air, making a labored and whistling sound when breathing in -- called stridor. Humidified air and fluids often are the most helpful treatments.


    1. Reassurance: Presence of a fever means your child has an infection, usually caused by a virus. Most fevers are good for sick children and help the body fight infection.  Use the following definitions to help put your child's level of fever into perspective:
      • 100?-102?F (37.8? - 39?C) Low grade fevers: beneficial, desirable range
      • 102?-104?F (39 - 40?C)     Mild fever: still beneficial
      • Over 104?F (40?C)          Moderate fever: causes discomfort, but harmless
      • Over 105?F (40.6?C)       High fever: higher risk of bacterial infections
      • Over 106?F (41.1?C)       Very high fever: important to bring it down
      • Over 108?F (42.3?C)       Dangerous fever: fever itself can harm brain
    2. Treatment for All Fevers:  Extra Fluids and Less Clothing
      • Give cold fluids orally in unlimited amounts (reason: good hydration replaces sweat and improves heat loss via skin).
      • Dress in 1 layer of light weight clothing and sleep with 1 light blanket (avoid bundling).  (Caution: overheated infants can't undress themselves.)
      • For fevers 100?-102? F (37.8? - 39?C), this is the only treatment needed (fever medicines are unnecessary).
    3. Fever Medication:  
      • Fevers only need to be treated with medicine if they cause discomfort. That usually means fevers above 102?F (39?C).
      • Give acetaminophen (e.g., Tylenol) or ibuprofen (e.g., Advil). See the dosage charts.
      • The goal of fever therapy is to bring the temperature down to a comfortable level. Remember, the fever medicine usually lowers the fever by 2? to 3? F (1 - 1.5? C).
      • Avoid aspirin (Reason: risk of Reye's syndrome, a rare but serious brain disease)
      • Avoid alternating acetaminophen and ibuprofen (Reason: unnecessary and risk of overdosage)
    4. Sponging:
      • Note: Sponging is optional for high fevers, not required.
      • Indication: May sponge for (1) fever above 104? F (40? C) AND (2) doesn't come down with acetaminophen (e.g., Tylenol) or ibuprofen (always give fever medicine first).
      • How to sponge: Use lukewarm water (85 - 90? F) (29.4 - 32.2? C). Do not use rubbing alcohol. Sponge for 20-30 minutes.
      • If your child shivers or becomes cold, stop sponging or increase the water temperature.
    5. Contagiousness:  Your child can return to day care or school after the fever is gone and your child feels well enough to participate in normal activities.
    6. Expected Course of Fever:  Most fevers associated with viral illnesses fluctuate between 101? and 104? F (38.4? and 40? C) and last for 2 or 3 days.
    7. Call Us If:
      • Fever goes above 104? F (40? C) repeatedly
      • Any fever occurs if under 12 weeks old
      • Fever without a cause persists over 24 hours (if age less than 2 years)
      • Fever persists over 3 days (72 hours)
      • Your child becomes worse
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  • image BrahimBride:

    And I think second time mommas are less apt to hit the ER..I wonder if that's true?


    lol, I'm sure you're right with that!

  • thansk Fordlor, looks like I rembered pretty good!!!
  • image BrahimBride:

    And I think second time mommas are less apt to hit the ER..I wonder if that's true?


    very true.  always a sense of the been there, done that attitude.  my second one seems to catch every cold, sickness, etc. my older one has, too.

  • Oh no, poor little Ethie baby!!!  :(
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  • I'm a 2nd time momma and when my DS had a 104 temp a week or two ago we went straight to the ER (the motrin and tylenol weren't helping! Turned out to be Rotavirus!)
  • We went to see the doc at 103.7, same number as you.  Granted that was a same-day Dr. office patient, not emergency.  I've heard 104, but I was nervous enough at 103.7 that I wanted her seen.
  • pedi told me 105 rectal.

    hope ethie feels better :(

  • you may want to try Tylenol next dose.  It is sometimes a better fever reducer.  Hope he feels better soon 
  • We recently had to go to the ER for high temperature.  DS had been running a fever for about 3 days, spiked high at night.  3rd night we woke up and DS was screaming and took his temp, it was 104.7 (rectal). I totally freaked and rushed him to the ER. I gave him motrin before I left for ER and by the time we got there it was down to 102.5.  Basically they told me kids run fevers when there sick and its actually a good thing, 104 fever is high but not extremely abnormal if you have a sick baby. In our case we had been the pedi earlier that day and had told us it was a virus everything else was fine (ears, urine...).  As long is the DC is responding to the fever reducers thats good and responding doesnt mean they will go down to normal temp (98)....just down a few degrees.  So basically they just sent us home.  He just had a bad viral infection of some sort.  Also when they are running high fevers always take rectal, alot more accurate.  This is my first baby, so I didn't realize fevers run that high in babies...better be safe than sorry so if you feel like you need to go to ER...definitely go!
  • Thanks very much ladies! He's down to a cool 99.0 and happily playing. So tylenol every 4 hours and Motrin every 8.  Fun times :)
  • If you want to call me.  We've done croup and even had an ER run for breathing stuff.  I've got a few tricks but you probably already know most of them.
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