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Is the sweater Ava's in love with in your siggy from Old Navy? If so, I think I bought it on sale the other day. I just recognized it in one of your posts. I LOVE that sweater! I got some khaki cords too to wear with it. Too cute.

Oh, and FWIW, we're doing an alternative vaccine schedule too and I have NEVER gotten any sort of negative feedback from our ped's office. On the contrary, it seems like they're pretty used to it at this point -- I definitely get the impression we're not the only ones doing this. I'd be pretty annoyed if I was getting the reaction you're getting.


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    Yes, the sweater is from ON.  She wears it with brown cords and pink Robeez... super cute!  And the fashionista within her continues to develop.  Today I got out this big flip chart easel thingy we have and we were looking at colors, letters, numbers, etc.  On a page that had first words she immediately identified "shoes!"  I tried to ask her to name other pictures that I knew she would already know but she was ignoring me and just kept pointing and saying "shoes... shoes..."  Yes, Ava, I see the shoes!  To think that we are adding another girl ;-)  Also thanks for sharing about your pedi.  I know we are definitely not in the minority on this and will be talking to the doc before we go elsewhere.

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