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3rd Trimester

latest time for baby to turn into position

When is the latest that a baby can turn down into position for birth that you have heard of?

Re: latest time for baby to turn into position

  • I heard of someone yesterday that said the baby flipped at 38 weeks. This gave me hope!
  • I have a friend and her little boy was breech so they scheduled a c-section for when she was 38 weeks. When she went in for the c-section they did one last u/s and sure enough in 1 week he had turned head down! I don't think it's very common for them to turn that late, but it's possible.
  • i've heard that the baby can flip while you are in labor.
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  • It can happen during labor.
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  • During labor, but I think this is rare.  It gets harder for the baby to turn the further along the pregnancy gets.
  • My sister's flipped at 39 weeks! Good luck.
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  • I just talked to a lady at work who said her baby flipped 4 days before she went into labor.?
  • my MIL was over 40 when DH flipped. which i guess is really rare.
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