So are you guys adopting? Are they talking to your son's dad? (And FWIW, *I* also have really long legs and really big feet; he's in good company. Smile )

 For us, the SW for the homestudies are all wanting to talk to my stepdaughter's mom to see if she approves of me and my husband as parents... which she does NOT.  It's one of those situations where we've been married two years and she still hasn't adjusted/accepted the reality. 

 No flaming - my SD takes her with a grain of salt wherever her dad and I are concerned, and likely would not grow up to be an ax murderer on the sole basis of having a younger sibling.  

Re: MyColonyNj

  • We will be licensed for fost/adopt and straight adopt through our state.  It has never been an issue that my husband is my son's step father.

    And to be honest - if they wanted to talk to him, I would fight it.  He has never been around, my son does not see him except 2x a year, we have no interaction at all, I have full legal custody, and he is a deadbeat.

    I am sure that they would not value his opinion anyway. 

    If we were doing adoption through an agency and they wanted to talk to him, I would find another agency. 

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