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Twins + toddler = "decathlon of parenting" - from book

I was reading the "Twinspirations" book today - and while i'm not crazy about the book as a whole- i really loved the part today that said something about ...

parenting children in steps (ie, a year apart) is like "the marathon of parenting"

having twins is like the "extreme sporting of parenting"

and having twins + a singleton is like the "decathlon of parenting"

Bring on the decathlon!!!!!!

she didn't get into high order multiple parenting- what should we call that??? lol  An extreme decathlon??

Re: Twins + toddler = "decathlon of parenting" - from book

  • I'm joining you in the decathalon--are we starting a training program for it here with this pregnancy thing chasing around our little guys?!?  Do we get to lose weight from this?  I sure hope so!
  • Awesome - I never thought I'd take part in a decathlon!!  WOOHOO!!!!  :)
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  • I will guess that the HOM are like the Ironman! 

    Not sure I am fit for a decathlon right now though.  I cant even stand up without searing pain in my pubic bone!

  • I think you all should get gold medals because i get stressed at he thought of just having my two - can't imagine throwing a toddler in there.
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  • It is a decathalon---I have never been as tired (even while pregnant) as I am at the end of every day now. 
  • That sounds like a pretty accurate description! I've only been in the decathlon for a few weeks, but it's totally intense already.
  • I knew I had to be athletic somewhere! LOL.

    As hard as this declathon is I love my kids...just watching them smile at me makes me melt! :)

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