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Girl names that sound nice with Tessie

My first child is Tessie.  Her actual name is Teresa but we call her Tess or Tessie.  I'm trying to figure out other girl names in case she has a little sister.  Our last name starts with an M.  Any ideas??  I know that they are going to be individuals and that it doesn't necessarily matter if they go together but I'd really like them to sound nice together


Re: Girl names that sound nice with Tessie

  • My DD goes by Tess (or Tessie according to her big sis)--it's short for Therese.  Anyway look on & type in the name & it'll give you suggestions.  My DDs are Winnie, Tess & maybe (if #3 is a girl) Mamie.  They are all nicknames but what the kids go by.
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  • Jessica or Jenesse -Jessie
    Venessa - Nessie? but that makes me think of the Loch Ness Monster Wink

  • My niece is named Tess and our last name starts with an M.  Her twin sister is named Natalie.  Her other sister is named Riley.
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  • I thought of some more if you just want a double consanant, instead of just double S

    Avonleigh Avvie (my friends daughter, SO cute)
    Adaline Addy
    Madison Maddy
    Cameron, Camille Cammie

  • How about Margaret/Maggie?
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