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my hormonal craziness

So, yesterday DH and I went to the movies in the afternoon. I was without lunch and cranky. We are trying to decide on the fly which movie and it was between Marley and Me and Grand Torino. I wanted Marley. I picked Gran TOrino to make DH happy. I was sooo  mean while we were in line for the snacks. Of course, movie was fantastic and I am happy I chose it.

Fast forward to this afternoon. I get home from work at 3pm and bring Wendy's home for DH. I got fries for myself. DH wanted a chocolate shake. Apparently, it wasn't "shaky" enough. (It was pretty watery) so he dumped it out. I was mad because he dumped out $2.59. He asked me why I didnt say anything at the drive thru about it and instead of answering I threw my fries at him. WOAH! Why? The dogs got to eat the fried and not me.

Luckily, Chris is quietly amused at my mood swings and hasn't said anything. THank God!! I feel like a crazy person. 

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Re: my hormonal craziness

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