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The day we've been waiting for has finally arrived...Our 1998 Ford Taurus is heading off to that great parking lot in the sky Automobile  after the brake line snapped. So we are a one car family for the time being. 

We will need to buy something used when we are ready in a few months. Since I'm just working part time, we'd only like to spend around 10,000.  Anyone have any good experiences with buying a used car they'd like to share? We'd prefer a dealer over buying from an individual.


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    I've found some pretty good deals in the past on We drove a couple hours to pick them up, but it was worth it to save a couple thousand! has both dealers and private sellers.
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    Look into rental car companies that are selling past rentals.  I did this for my first car, bought it from National Car Sales (sister of National Car Rental).  My mom and dad just bought a previous rental that is a 2007 Chrysler Town & Country van, with only like 15,000 miles on it and all the service records came with it.  You can get a great deal from those places.
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    We just bought a 2007 Audi from Beechmont Audi and really liked their service.  My family has also had good luck with Superior Honda, but that was only buying new.  However, I know Hondas are great used cars, so they would probably be worth checking out.

    ETA: I forgot to mention we went online prior to buying our used car at the dealer.  A lot of times the dealership will have special internet pricing.

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    I have bought my used car from Joseph Toyota.  It was a certified used car which means they have inspected it throughly and have replaced a lot of things that needed replacing on it.  They then give you a warranty for 5 years or 50,000 miles.  I bought a used Highlander, I have had it for 6 years and have not had to replace anything on it except tires.  I have put 55,000 miles on it and love the car.  I highly reccommend buying a certified used car. 

    One other thing I would mention is I travel for work a lot (every week) so I have a rental car all the time as do my coworkers.   I am not sure I would recommend buying a rental car just because I know how people treat them.   Usually people put them through  the ringer because they dont car about them as they don't own the car.   I have never bought a car that was previously a rental, so I have no direct experience, but I would be weary of it just because I know how people treat them.  But on the other hand it seems like others on this board have had good luck with maybe I am wrong.

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    I highly recommend this place. It's shame they chose such a ridiculously cheesy name, but really, they are awesome. I know the guys who run it, and they have really great deals. We searched forever for our small SUV and they had prices around here beat by like 4 grand. They are in lexington...

    Go to Aggie if you are interested.


    And Lol about your Taurus...


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