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My Cousins Have a Son!

They've been trying to adopt this little boy for over a year now, and their caseworker called this morning to tell them that he's theirs!

They still have to wait 6 months, per Ohio rules, to "make sure it's a good fit", but they've been watching him for over a year on weekends due to an arrangement with the foster family & the caseworker. So no worries there.

But the Adoption Placement Committee agrees that they should be his parents, so now they have a son!

It has been such a long roller coaster for them. A few years ago, after 2 miscarriages, they found out they couldn't have children. They became foster-to-adopt parents, but for some crazy reason Clermont County didn't place any children with them in 2 years! Not one. Then this little boy came along.

I am just so happy for them!


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