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I went to the doctor today and they gave me a prescription for the BCP Yaz.  My question for you ladies is this:  Is it really necessary for me to wait until the Sunday after my period or the first day of my period to start it?What's the reasoning behind this?



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    I was always told to start then because then you don't mess with your cycles.  BCP is supposed to keep you regulated or regulate you if you are irregular so with that, if you start in the middle of your cycle, you might throw it off more.
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    Thanks Catrina.  I feel like a goofball asking questions like that.  I appreciate you help :o)

     Also wanted to let you know that Max's evaulations are on Thursday with both Shana and Dan.  What do you do if the child is sleepy or napping?  I am so worried that he is going to be cranky.

    Thanks again.

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