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Would you change a dirty diaper on a sleeping toddler?

Ack.  I would have thought I would have said no to this question.  BUT, I just did.  He napped so poorly yesterday,  I din't want to risk him having a craptastic nap today. Anyway, he didn't wake up so I am glad I did it.  

Re: Would you change a dirty diaper on a sleeping toddler?

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    poop = yes, pee = no
  • Yes. Sleeping in poop is bad.
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  • I would have been scared to wake DC up but yes.  N gets diaper rash easily

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  • A poop diaper? Yes without a dubt.

    A pee diaper, no.

  • DD sleeps so hard that I would do it in a heartbeat on her.  DS on the other hand....he's wide awake if a pin drops on the other end of the house, so no - probably not. 
  • ditto : poop yes...pee no


  • N gets crazy painful diaper rash so yes...except there is no way he would sleep through it.  So I guess my answer is I would wake my sleeping toddler for a poo diaper. 
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  • This is actually the first time its ever happened to us.  So I guess, my answer is yes.  Hes a light sleeper and has never had diaper rash, but it just seemed kinda aweful to leave it. 

  • Nope, DD has never had a problem with diaper rash and there is no way shw could sleep through it.
  • For a poopy diaper, yes.  DS would get terrible diaper rash if he wasn't changed quickly after a poopy diaper. 
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  • Assuming we are talking about naptime - DD would absolutely wake up for the diaper change and it's unlikely she would go back to sleep afterwards. I guess it would depend on a number of factors - how long it had been since she fell asleep, how she's been sleeping lately, etc. If she was only going to sleep for another half hour max and really needed a good nap, maybe not. If she had been sleeping great lately so wasn't overtired, and had another hour+ left in her for a nap I probably would. If we're talking overnight then absolutely, I don't think I could justify hours in a poopy diaper regardless, plus she would be more likely to get back to sleep at night.

    Although honestly, I'm not sure how I would become aware of it if it didn't wake her up. Every now and then (maybe 3 times I can think of) I have gone in to get her up in the morning and smelled poop. I always feel awful and wonder how long it's been like that but it hasn't hurt her yet which would probably go into my tough decision if I were to notice she was poopy yet also feel like she really needed her sleep.

  • I left DD in a poop diaper once and only once because I didn't want to disturb her sleep.  She had the worst rash ever for days until I finally found a cure.  Never done it again.
  • Unfortunately, yes, we would have to.  DS also gets awful diaper rashes if not changed quickly after pooping.  He also wakes up if disturbed and doesn't go back down.  But honestly, DS sleeps in his crib with the door shut so I wouldn't know he had pooped until he woke up!
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  • I would never knowingly leave my daughter in a poopy diaper since she's prone to bad rash.  But, when she's sleeping I close the door to her room and don't open it again until she's up, so I wouldn't know if she was poopy in her sleep!
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  • Preston poops a lot somewhere in the wee early morning hours and then goes back to sleep (I do not go up to change him). I have also learned that if he has not fallen asleep for a nap within 15 minutes of putting him down, then that means he has pooped and everytime I got up to check, he has. He will not fall asleep for a nap if he has pooped, so I have never actually changed his diaper when he has been sleeping.
  • No way! It would have to wait.

    DS is an EXTREMELY light sleeper and would never sleep through that. In fact, he has NEVER slept through a diaper change in his life (even when he was a newborn/infant).

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  • I probably would unless it had just been an awful day and we'd all die without his nap - b/c he wouldn't go back to sleep.  But really, I would just hope I don't become aware he has pooped in his sleep so I dont' have to decide :)

    Although, I guess I do have to do this now with my newborn, sometimes he'll poop while nursing and then drift off, so sometimes I will sit there for a few minutes to let him get a little catnap in.  Usually I can't stand it longer than 20 minutes though :)

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