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POTW - Last day for entries

I thought I would re-post the link since it is now on the second page. Today is the last day for entries. So for those of you who are slacking like me, you can get your entry in today. We will start the voting thread tomorrow.

Also, I will take any ideas for themes for upcoming weeks.

Hopefully this link will take you to the entry thread.


Re: POTW - Last day for entries

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    Thanks for doing this, Megan -- I'm so excited that we are seeing all the cute baby pictures again!
    Justin Thomas joined us on 8.4.07
    Tyler Anthony arrived on 9.21.09
    The Chronicles of Justin and Tyler
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    Yes, thank you!  Its very fun!

    Here are some ideas:

    • mommy & me
    • daddy & me
    • bath time
    • sports fan
    • meal time
    • favorite jammies
    • all bundled up
    • DC & pet(s)
    • funny face
    • crying/pouting/unhappy
    That's all I can think of at the moment, but HTH!
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