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Maternity shopping not as fun as I thought...

I decided this weekend to go shopping for some maternity pants so that I wouldn't wake up one morning and not be able to zip up my pants. First stop Motherhood Maternity. Yikes - was not prepared for those huge panels, and how far down on the crotch they go. So much for wearing my normal shirts with those! And the sizing being S, M, L. I wasn't really a fan of that. I decided not to be anything there with their sucky return policy.

 I tried Gap next, and had better luck there. I got a couple pairs of the panel-less variety. I tried one pair out yesterday, but I'm not sure that was such a good idea. I had to keep pulling them up. Maybe I'll stick with my tight jeans for a while longer.

 Where do you have the best luck shopping?

Re: Maternity shopping not as fun as I thought...

  • I can't stand maternity shopping. I remember before I was pregnant walking by the stores going - wow they have such cute stuff now! Wrong. I can't find anything that doesn't make me feel frumpy. And I agree with you on the sizing, panel thing...WTF is all that about? How am I supposed to hide that panel? I have like 5 shirts I can wear right now...ok...vent
  • I hate maternity clothes.  I rarely find anything that doesn't look like it was made with left over scrap fabric that is reasonably priced.
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  • Have you looked at Target.  I've heard they have some good ones there and they pants there are in atual sizes.
  • I'm barely pregnant, but I have heard that those bands you put around your normal pants to give you some extra room might be good for you since you don't like maternity stuff.  I think they are called Bella bands, but Target has some made by the same company called B bands..I think.  The bands were on  Hope you find something that works for you.
  • You can try the Bella Band. But really, those pants at motherhood maternity fit me the best between 6 and ?9 months. Target and Old Navy had the best shirts and skirts for me.

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  • I lucked out with my daughter (born 01-04-08) and was able to wear my normal jeans throughout my entire pregnancy. I carried her really high, and bought really low rise jeans. This time around I am carrying SO LOW, my jeans are already getting tight and I am only 19 weeks! I went to ROSS and they had some really cute stuff. It's kind of a hit and miss with them, sometimes they have a lot and others they have nothing so you have to check back frequently, but when they have cute stuff it's cheap and usually name brand. Also Target had some surprisingly cute things my best friend is itty bitty and has got all her prego clothes there. Maybe that can help you out a little? Old Navy also has cute maternity stuff but most of it is online. They have really good sales sometimes though.

    Hope this helps you some! Toni Lynne

  • I hate shopping right now too... but I have had great luck at Target! I hate the panels too... Target has low waist pants and they go by reg sizes.  I didn't like old navy pants because they are usually too short or fit in the crotch funny.  GL
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  • I got I think all my jeans at Target, the only thing I didn't like is all the panels are dark so if you wear a light colored shirt you will see the panel.
  • I tried Motherhood Maternity too... for the same reason, just in case I wake up with a belly one day and my pants don't button/zip anymore. Their S size is big for me... WTF, what am I supposed to wear? Would be much easier if they had actual sizes!
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  • Try JC Penny
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  • I found some small panel jeans at Old Navy.  I love the panels at Motherhood (just yeah, full panel doesn't work well for non-maternity shirts), but they only have regular and petite in store, so that is a pain because I am pretty tall.  Old Navy also has a great denim skirt that's maternity.  It has expanders in the side rather than a panel.
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