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I just saw your post on the 1st Trimester board about prenatals and DHA. First of all, some of those girls are so rude! I completely understand what you mean about the "fish burps". I hate fish with a passion which is why I really wanted to take a DHA supplement when I was pregnant with DD. I first took a generic Omega 3 and I got the fish burps. I would gag just opening the bottle! I then just bought the Expecta Lipil which is made by Enfamil but they are kinda pricey! But I didn't have any fishy taste. Now with this pregnancy, I found that Kroger makes a generic Prenatal Omega 3 supplement which of course is much cheaper. It has a weird smell in the bottle but it isn't fishy. And I haven't had any "fish burps". haha. Good luck!
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