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DH is trying to put DS down...

Ugh, it's so hard hearing him cry in the other room. Since we got bfing down, I have been the only one to put DS to sleep, but DH and DS really need to 'learn' to do it together since now I'm working some evenings. So he got a bottle tonight and is in there crying as DH is rocking him....Must stop myself from taking over.

Oooh, he just stopped crying...maybe it'll be okay??

Re: DH is trying to put DS down...

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    Nope, back at it. It's been almost 20 minutes of crying. Do I go save him??? It's heartbreaking.
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    I'm sorry - I am so dreading that.  I put DS to bed every night as well, but I told DH last night that he needs to do it now and then with a bottle because it's no good if I'm the only one who can get him to sleep.  I know it will be hard.  Good luck!  I guess if it goes on for 5-10 more minutes I'd probably go in there (or pour myself a glass of wine and go sit where I can't hear it).  Actually I'd probably go take a long, hot shower and then go in if he's still crying.
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    Well, I did go in there and take over, DS calmed down right away. Such a mama's boy. Smile

    But, he did take the bottle okay for DH, so that's a start!

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    I feel for you b/c I'm the only one that seems to be able to get DD to sleep as well.  It's hard!
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