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Formal dress?

Do you guys have any websites for formal/evening (or even cocktail) maternity dresses?  A close friend is getting married in May, when I will be 6 months along...  I'm trying to stay under about $150.

Alternatively, has anyone had experience getting a maternity dress through David's Bridal or something like that?  How did that work?


Re: Formal dress?

  • Yes! I was in a wedding at 7 months pregnant and got a nice Mimi maternity black dress and it was about $150. I found it at Macy's/Marshall Fields - so definitely check them out.

    If you're interested in my dress, let me know and I can send you a pic - we're done having babies. But it's floor length so probalby too formal for what you're looking for.

  • I bought this dress (in link below) from Motherhood Maternity. I was pleasantly surpirsed that they even had wedding-appropriate attire. It is knee length, 2 layers, very comfortable and I think on sale it was around $60.00. (It's the green and white flowered print Jamie Lynn Spears is wearing on the 'OK' cover. (P.S. I was not trying to copy this cover, I had already bought and worn the dress when I saw this at the grocery store). 

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