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My reclaim goodies! (goodwill run)

I found a really beautiful small butter crock that matches a medium sided one I already have - .99

A deep, bucket seat sled for DD with heavy duty straps to keep her in (have been looking ALL OVER for one of these!) - 4.99

"My Breast Friend", barely used - 1.99

And the coolest thing - A 1883 New Testament in side-by-side English/Swedish - 10.00


And I just went there to find if there were any cute floral plates! HA! Have you found any good finds lately?

Re: My reclaim goodies! (goodwill run)

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    I got a FREE chair and ottoman last Wednesday.  I would pip, but they're in my "in the middle of remodeling" bedroom.  I also got crystral glasses.  It was good Wednesday!
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